Lombardo Boyar 2015

Born on December 1, 1973 in El Paso, Texas, USA.
Lombardo Boyar is a Mexican American character actor who has been working in Film,TV, and VO for 20 years. His recent credits include “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”, “Some Kind Of Beautiful” with Pierce Brosnan, “Big Ass Spider”, ( just watch it), and numerous TV shows. “Edgar Navarro” on TNT’s “Murder in the First” is his favorite and most challenging role to date. Except for fatherhood. He has two kids in diapers.

Actor and Producer, known for: Happy Feet (2006), Happy Feet 2 (2011) and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014). He has been married to Terri Gutormson since May 20, 2009.



Ulterior Motives                                     Supporting                              Paul D. Hannah

Some Kind Of Beautiful                        Supporting                              Tom Vaughan

Time In Between                                 Lead                                         David Palomares

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes                  Supporting                            Matt Reeves

Big Ass Spider                                          Lead                                          Mike Mendez

Least Among Saints                              Supporting                             Martin Papazian

The Group                                               Supporting                             Larry Trilling

Next Day Air                                          Supporting                             Benny Boom

The Take Away                                        Lead                                  Woodward Brown

What Just Happened                            Supporting                             Barry Levinson

American Gun                                       Supporting                             Aric Avelino/IFC

Never Get Outta the Boat                          Lead                                Paul Quinn/Lot 47

Brother                                                       Lead                          Takeshi Kitano/ Sony Pic.

P.S. Your Cat is Dead                                 Lead                   Steve Guttenberg/ TLA

Urban Jungle                                             Lead                       Van Fisher/ Arrival Ent.

Baby Boy                                                           Supporting             JohnSingleton/Columbia

Simone                                                    Supporting           Andrew Nichols/ New Line

Scenes of the Crime                                 Supporting               Dominique Forma/ Dir.

ED TV                                                        Supporting             Ron Howard/ Universal

Gia                                                            Supporting                       Michael Christopher/ HBO


TELEVISION (partial list)

MURDER IN THE FIRST                                 Series Regular                       TNT

The Player                                                      Guest Star                              NBC

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders                   Guest Star                              CBS

Real Husbands Of Hollywood                        Guest Star                              BET

Murder In The First                                       Series Regular                       TNT

Jessie                                                              Recurring                          Disney Channel

Shameless                                                       Guest Star                              Showtime

Modern Family                                                Guest Star                              ABC

Little In Common                                            Series Regular                       FOX

The Joe Schmo Show                                      Series Regular                       Spike TV

Southland                                                        Guest Star                              TNT

Awake                                                              Guest Star                              NBC

GCB                                                                  Guest Star                              ABC

Breakout Kings                                                Guest Star                              FOX

CSI: Miami                                                       Guest Star                              CBS

NCIS                                                                 Guest Star                              CBS

Notes From the Underbelly                           Recurring                                ABC

Over There                                                       Series Regular                       FX

Taste                                                                Series Regular                       CBS

The Bernie Mac Show                                      Recurring                                FOX

Kingpin                                                             Recurring                                NBC

Six Feet Under                                                 Guest Star                              HBO

E.R.                                                                   Guest Star                              NBC

NYPD Blue                                                        Recurring                               ABC

Frasier                                                              Guest Star                              NBC

Becker                                                               Guest Star                              CBS



To Serve and Protect                                     Supporting                             Jean De Seganzac/NBC



The Life And Times Of Time                         Supporting                             HBO

Happy Feet                                                   Supporting                             WB Feature

Rocket Power                                        Series Regular                       Charlie Adler/ Nickelodeon

Baldo                                                        Series Regular                       Univision



Bilingual (Spanish), U.S. Army trained, skateboarding, roller skating, acoustic guitar